SOS is partnered with Palmetto Health Foundation in Columbia, Hollings
     Cancer Center
in Charleston and most recently Roper Hospital in
     Charleston. SOS provides funding specifically designated to aid breast
     cancer patients in each hospital. Through this close working relationship,
     advisors in the medical field provide information on how to best assist
     patients and alert SOS to specific needs.



     Making a Difference through SOS:

     Through grants, SOS helped an elderly woman with transportation and
     medications for nausea during her chemotherapy treatments. She has
     now completed chemotherapy and is anticipating surgery in the
     beginning of the year.

     SOS provided support to a 31 year old mother with three small boys
     while she underwent chemotherapy, surgery and daily radiation.
     The organization helped fund the cost of medications, a wig and

     When a 32 year old woman, undergoing chemotherapy, needed
     assistance, SOS was able to provide a new breast prosthesis and bras.

     These are only a few examples of the countless women that SOS has
     been able to support while they undergo treatment. SOS has helped to
     provide multiple patients ranging in age with their own new prosthesis
     and bras, wigs and medications. SOS has assisted young mothers with
     medical costs, grandmothers with utilities and daughters with their
     mortgages. It is our ongoing goal to provide support and assistance to
     these women as they undergo treatment for their breast cancer.



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