Is SOS a nonprofit? Yes, SOS is designated as a 501(c)(3) organization and all
     contributions are tax deductible.

     Where does the money go? SOS is a completely volunteer-driven organization.
     We have no staff, virtually no overhead and therefore the money goes directly
     to fund patient needs. We help patients cover items that their insurance
     companies do not. These items include: wigs, prosthetic bras, childcare for
     patients' children during treatments, lodging for family members who
     accompany patients during treatment, gas cards for patient transportation to
     treatments, pain medication (beyond those covered by insurance), mortgage
     payments, utility bills and many other items helpful to breast cancer patients.

     Where do you find the patients? In many cases patients find SOS by word of
     mouth. We also work closely with the Hollings Cancer Center, Roper Hospital
     and Palmetto Richland Memorial to find patients from the area who need our
     help. In some cases a Breast Cancer Patient's medical team may contact the
     foundation requesting assistance. However, anyone who knows of a person in
     South Carolina who is suffering from Breast Cancer may refer the patient to SOS.

     Who can apply for help from SOS? The potential recipient must be presently
     treated by a healthcare provider who is informed about his or her condition. A
     patient must be a resident of South Carolina area but may be seeking treatment
     outside of this area.

     Please note that the SOS board will need to collect certain information regarding
     the patient's medical condition. All information requested is strictly confidential
     and required in order to fulfill the patient's wishes. If the patient or applicant is
     unable to provide information regarding their medical condition, the board may
     not be able to process the request.

     How can I help? It is easy to donate to SOS through the website "donation" page.
     If you have you more time than money, we love that too. If you are interested in
     becoming a "Friend of SOS", please email: and a
     board member will contact you with more information.



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