SOS helps breast cancer patients and their families by providing assistance to
     ease their journey from diagnosis to recovery. A breast cancer patient's
     medical team may contact the foundation requesting assistance. Referrals
     may also be made by friends and family for any breast cancer patient in South

     Who may apply?

     The potential recipient must presently be treated by a healthcare provider who
     is informed about the patient's condition. The recipient must be a resident of
     South Carolina, but may be seeking treatment outside of this area. In order to
     process an application, the SOS board will need to access specific medical
     information from the patient. This information is strictly confidential and is used to
     determine how to best serve the request of the patient.

     Who may sponsor a patient?

     Anyone may sponsor a patient: a family member, a friend, a church group, or a
     neighbor. Please be aware, again, that we will need verification of the of the
     patient's medical treatment.

     To apply for assistance, you may download the attached application to the right
     and return to or you may email the following

       1. The name of the breast cancer patient along with your relationship to her.
       2. An address, phone number and email address for both the patient and
       3. In a short synopsis, please include the patient's medical progress and their
       4. If there is an immediate need for help, please alert us to an emergency

 ** Please note that SOS is only able to provide assistance to patients with breast

If you have any questions or would like
further information, please contact us at








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